Did you know that Gaming can make you Healthier?
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The GamingForHealth Initiative explores the use of serious games as a tool to promote positive health outcomes in the community.

We have 10+ years of experience developing tailored-made solutions for audiences of all ages with a wide range of health needs.

Mindfully designed games are proven to be effective in helping people with their unique health conditions.

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Meaningful Play

We make mindfully designed games for specific audiences with specific health needs

Scientific Research

We use state-of-the-art methods for ensuring optimal health outcomes

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For inquiries please contact us at: Jaime.Garcia@GamingForHealth.org

Our Projects

Here are the most relevant projects we had the pleasure to work on over the past few years.

The Step Kinnection Project
The StepKinnection project explores the use of interactive video games to reduce the risk of falling in elderly.
The MobileRehApp
Mobile RehApp brings your clinically prescribed rehabilitation exercises to your fingertips in an augmented fun and interactive way.
Project ELAINE
This project explores a new concept where physical exercise and gameplay don;t have to happen at the same time. Instead, seniors can workout at their own pace in their own time, and we automatically link this activity into the game.
Project NATAL
This project aims at designing an exergame systems that provides appropriate balance between exertion and entertainment, whilst avoiding contraindications that exist for pregnant women during exercise.
This project aims at designinnig a game-based CSI that can be self-administered by older adults . Like traditional methods, the game tasks involve different cognitive domains to provide a measurement of cognitive performance.
In this project, we explore the feasibility of using virtual reality technology as a tool to assess the risk of falling in the senior community in a more immersive, intuitive and descriptive manner.

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For inquiries please contact us at: Jaime.Garcia@GamingForHealth.org