CogWorldTravel: A Serious Game for Cognitive Screening
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Cognitive Screening Instruments are helpful in the early detection of cognitive changes and possible underlying dementia. These instruments test all major cognitive domains of an individual.

Serious games have been investigated as an alternative approach for cognitive assessment because of their ability to motivate. Previous work mostly focused on finding out whether it is feasible to use a serious game for such purpose.

This project investigates further how a serious game can be engaging and fun while prioritizing the cognitive assessment.


Cognitive Assessment

CogWorldTravel is a serious game that features six game tasks for the assessment of all major cognitive domains

Age-Related Features

The serious game also accommodates age-related changes and considers the gameplay preferences of older adults

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Our System

At the current stage of the project, the following system has been created.

CogWorldTravel is a serious game that has the potential to be used for cognitive screening as it measures at least one aspect of each cognitive domain. CogWorldTravel features six game tasks that involve recognition memory, attention, working memory, language, immediate memory span, processing speed, inhibition, recognition of emotions, visuoconstructional, perceptual-motor, and planning abilities.

Our Team


Dr. Fernanda Tavares

Ph.D. MIEAust CPEng Systems Engineering


Dr. Jaime Garcia

Serious Games to Improve the Physical Health of the Elderly


A/Prof. Valerie Gay

Associate Professor in Mobile Technologies, Digital Health and Social Innovation.

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