Promoting An Active Lifestyle In The Third Age
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This project is an initial step towards building the next generation of games that aim to promote physical activity in the senior community.

Traditionally, players have to perform some form of exercise in order to play and win the game, which has surprisingly been reported as monotonous and even boring.

This project explores a new concept where physical exercise and gameplay don’t have to happen at the same time.

Instead, seniors can workout at their own pace in their own time, and we automatically link this activity into the game.

This can make a significant difference in increasing the motivation towards a more active lifestyle in the third age.


Play when you wish

People struggle to recover from injuries due to the lack of commitment to their rehabilitation exercises as they are often boring

Exercise at your pace

Seniors can workout at their own pace in their own time, and play our game when they wish

Get Motivated

We automatically link physical activity into gameplay to make this a more motivating and rewarding experience.

Our System

At the current stage of the project, the following system has been created.

Solitaire Fitness
An asynchronous exergame for the elderly to enhance cognitive and physical ability

Our Team


Dr. Jaime Garcia

Dr. Jaime Garcia brings expertise in the design and development of serious games with health purposes for the elderly.


A/Prof Valerie Gay

A/Prof Gay Valerie Gay brings in her core IT knowledge and her experience working with patients from diverse culture, age and with different chronic diseases (Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Obesity).


A/Prof Tuck Wah Leong

A/Prof Tuck Wah Leong will bring his significant expertise in Participatory Design and Interaction Design, especially to work with elderly participants to support Active Ageing.


Natassja Sundara

A Research Assistant in Games Design and Development.


Georgette Tabor

A Research Assistant in Games Design and Development.

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