A Portable Mobile AR game-based Solution to Deliver Rehab Exercises
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The Mobile RehApp is a fun and easy-to-use game to do and monitor your boring rehabilitation exercises.

You decide when and where to have a bit of fun while speeding up your recovery at the same time!

Mobile RehApp brings your clinically prescribed rehabilitation exercises to your fingertips in an augmented fun and interactive way!

With Mobile RehApp™ you can also monitor your recovery easily as your app automatically records your health progress through your play-time

…the more you play the faster you recover!


Ankle Sprain Rehab

people struggle to recover from injuries due to the lack of commitment to their rehabilitation exercises as they are often boring

Meaningful Gameplay

our system delivers rehab exercises for ankle sprain in the form of a portable mobile AR game

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For inquiries please contact us at: Jaime.Garcia@GamingForHealth.org

Our System

At the current stage of the project, the following system has been created.

The MobileRehApp
A portable mobile ar game-based solution to deliver rehab exercises

Our Team


Dr. Jaime Garcia

Serious Games to Improve the Physical Health of the Elderly


Dr. Karla Felix Navarro

Mobile and Wireless Communication Technologies

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For inquiries please contact us at: Jaime.Garcia@GamingForHealth.org